A warranty that gives you the protection you want.

Every home built by South Texas Home Builders comes with a warranty.  If the Home is sold, each successor in title to the Home, including a mortgagee in possession, is entitled to coverage under the warranty for its unexpired Warranty Period.

Your new home warranty will cover workmanship and materials.  It will cover electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems.

South Texas Home Builders will warrant your brand-new home from defects in workmanship and materials and from defects in the electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems as such defects are defined in the Contruction Performance Standards Warranty. Your new home warranty will have an expiration date. this date will be issued to you upon completed purchase of your new custom home.

Explore and Inspire

Our designers have many floor plan options to help you get started with your custom home. Whether you just want a glimpse for inspiration or to use one that has been modified to perfection, our design team is here to guide you through the building process. We will customize a plan specifically for your family’s needs, wants, and budget. Once this initial drawing of the floor plan in created, it’s time to finalize and start on the details!

Design and Customize

After the preliminary drawing is finalized, you can start the process of picking and choosing all the details of your custom home. Our designers will continue to work with you to complete the floor plan, all four side elevations, site plan, roof plan, electrical plan, and a detailed cabinet plan with interior elevations. We believe in going over all of the tiny details so that there will be no mysteries or surprises with pricing along the way.

Time to Build

Now that we have your finalized plans it’s time to BUILD! The most groundbreaking thing about building a custom home is actually breaking ground. We oversee the entire construction process at every stage of development and maintain frequent communication to ensure your home is built to your specifications. We view each client as a friend and partner in building and will keep you informed every step of the way, after all, this is your home.

Welcome Home

Taking the keys to your new home that was built just how you wanted is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Now is the time to plan the housewarming party and enjoy the comforts of your new home!